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Why Choose Us?

Choose us because we have a fantastic curriculum for your children to enjoy. This is what Ofsted said at our last inspection.


"The school’s fully implemented and outstanding curriculum is very effective in engaging the interests of pupils, and children." Ofsted 2015

Choose us because we believe that educating the whole child is important. This is what Ofsted said about our citizenship education.


"The school’s work to develop pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding. Pupils are curious and respectful and have a deep understanding and sense of responsibility towards those less fortunate than themselves." Ofsted 2015 

Choose us because we see the potential in every child. If your child loves music, we will provide the opportunities to learn to play. If your child is sporty, we will provide the opportunity to be active. If your child loves learning, we will give your child the opportunity to excel. If your child loves to read, then so do we. This is what Ofsted said about us in 2015.


"Music provision is outstanding. Pupils are highly adept at playing a wide range of percussion, string, and woodwind instruments and enjoy participating in the school choir and brass band." Ofsted 2015


"Sporting excellence is celebrated and pupils are encouraged to participate in a wide range of physical activities, including horse riding, raft building and gymnastics. Training and coaching for staff have had an outstanding impact on developing their skills." Ofsted 2015


"Teachers and teaching assistants work exceptionally well together to enhance pupils’ learning experiences and engage them in tasks and activities which they find stimulating and interesting." Ofsted 2015


"Pupils love to read, and do so whenever they can. Older pupils who read for inspectors were avid readers and regularly read a wide range of books from their extensive school library. All pupils said that they enjoyed regularly reviewing books by different authors and read every day." Ofsted 2015


"Continually improving teaching contributed well to pupils’ good and sometimes outstanding progress in literacy." Ofsted 2015 

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