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E-praise Reward System


What is epraise?

Epraise is our online reward system. All children from Nursery to year 6 have an account, this account can be accessed and viewed by parents to view their child's epraise account. Children are rewarded by members of staff for the following:

* Taking care of my learning 

* Taking care of others

* Taking care of my school

* Taking care of my community

* Taking care of the world 

* Taking care of my future

* Attendance 

* Punctuality

* Uniform

* Correct Kit 


How can I spend my epraise rewards? 

Using your epraise account you can choose how you want to spend your hard-earned epraise points!


You can choose from the following:

SAVE: For the end of the year trip.

SPEND: On items available within the shop

DONATE: To a worthy cause

Win: Prizes from our shop every week


The system is giving you economic and ethical choices to make.


Here are some questions for you to think about:

  • How much should you save to help mums and dads pay for the end of year trip?
  • How much is it sensible to spend each week?
  • Should I bother donating to charity and if I do, which good cause should I support?


How can I earn epraise points?

There are lots of ways to earn points at Rimrose Hope, here are a few ways:

  • arrive at school on time each day
  • wearing the correct uniform and PE kit
  • wearing your necker
  • completing your homework
  • reading daily
  • being polite
  • being a kind friend
  • being helpful
  • being resilient
  • Adhering to our British Values
  • Making the right choices



How to log into your epraise account:

Type the website into a search engine

or alternatively you can type ‘epraise’ into a search engine such as google.

  • Click on Login and select Rimrose Hope from the school section


  • Select ‘students’ and type in your child’s username and password


Your user name is your first initial followed by your surname all in lower case.

e.g. Poppy Robbins username: probbins

For children with double barrelled surnames there is no space between the names and they are hyphenated.

e.g. James Jones- Smith username: jjones-smith


If you have misplaced your child's password, please speak to their class teacher to re-issue a new password


Taking Care of our Community and our World 


Below are the charities that have been chosen for our epraise donations for this year. You can make a difference by donating some of your hard-earned points to any of these worthy causes, at the end of the year the points donated will be changed into money and the donations will be given to each charity.


Before choosing your charity, take the time to find out some information about each of the charities that we are supporting this year by following the links below. 


Planet Protectors

The Planet Protectors were funded for a trip to the Veolia Waste Recycling Plant in Knowsley to be briefed on the processes involved in the disposal of our waste products. As a result the children organised a big clean up campaign in our local area over the summer holidays.

Ukraine Relief Fund

Our children were stirred into action to show solidarity and support for the children of Ukraine. The children decided to donate epraise points and to raise money during our end of term talent show for Sefton based fund.


Macmillan Cancer Research

The children raise money and donate epraise points to Macmillan every year. This year the children in every class baked cakes for their families and other children at our Feedback Friday events. The event was a fantastic success.

Water Aid

With donations, Water Aid work in partnership with some of the poorest countries in the world to try to eradicate water poverty for millions of people in communities that can not access clean, safe water.