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Planet Protectors

We are the Planet Protectors!

The Planet Protectors help lead our school in Geography. 

They encourage others to look after the planet by delivering assemblies and coming up with initiatives to help us all protect the beautiful world we live in. Recently, they created posters to encourage more children to bring a reusable bottle into school each day. This helps us to use less single use plastic and also earns us an EPraise point for taking care of our world. 


"I like being a Planet protector because I like picking up rubbish. I'm a really good Planet protector." Hayley-May


"I like being a planet protector because I'm protecting the world and being good by helping keep God's world clean." Coby


"I enjoy being a Planet Protector because we do fun things and go on fun trips. I liked going to the recycling centre because I got to pretend litter pick, dress up and see how the bales were made." Emily


"I like being a Planet Protector because you get to go on trips and do assemblies. I liked the trip to Gilmoss Recycling Centre because I got to see how bales were made." Lily-May


"I liked the machines at the recycling centre. I like being a planet Protector because you get to pick up litter." Alex 


"I remember when we went on the trip to the recycling centre. We met Rachel and she showed us a games room and we litter picked." Mark

Last year, after an exciting trip to Chester Zoo to find out about endangered animals, the Planet Protectors decided the whole school should have the opportunity to learn about this. They wrote letters to their teachers asking them to plan and deliver a unit of work based upon endangered animals and how we can help them. At the end of the unit of work, we held an Endangered Animals showcase highlighting the wonderful work we had done and the knowledge we had learnt. 

Chester Zoo trip

Endangered Animal Showcase