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Meet the staff at Rimrose Hope...


Senior Leadership Team


Hello my name is Lawrence Crilly and I am the proud headteacher of this wonderful school. I started my teaching career at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Junior School in 1992 and taught there for six years before moving as deputy head to St Silas CE Primary in Toxteth. After four years as the deputy head I became the headteacher of St Silas and worked in Liverpool for a further two years prior to moving into Sefton as the headteacher of Beach Road Primary. In 2008 I joined Rimrose Hope CE Primary and a new chapter began. I am fortunate to work with a fantastic team of people who strive every day to fulfil our mission of having faith in every child.

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make and I hope that, as you view this website, you will see the high standards of achievement, innovation and care we offer all the children at Rimrose Hope.


Deputy Headteacher

Hello, I am Miss McMinn and I am very proud to be the deputy head of this fantastic school. I have been teaching for 18 years and started off my career as a newly qualified teacher (NQT) at Beach Road Primary School. I began my teaching career in Year 3 and have since worked in Year 6 and most recently Years 1 and 2. I enjoy responding to the different challenges that each year group brings and nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing the children make good progress during the course of a year. I am responsible for for Key Stage 1, Assessment, RE and English. I am passionate about reading and want to instil a love of reading in the children of Rimrose Hope. It is a pleasure to work at this school and the vision: ‘Faith in our children-the hope for the future’ is at the heart of everything I do.


Assistant Headteacher   

Hello my name is Mrs Warrington.  I am proud to be the Assistant Headteacher of this brilliant school! I have been teaching for 15 years. I have worked serving the community of Seaforth for the past 15 years, having taught across all year groups in Key Stage 2.  I am the team leader for Key Stage 2. I teach in the YEar4/5 class. I thoroughly enjoy teaching in our school and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see children achieving their goals and succeed.




Learning Mentor

Hi! I’m Christine Butler, Learning Mentor and Parent Support at Rimrose Hope. I started this part of my career at Beach Road School in 2006, and have continued to be part of a fantastic team of staff at Rimrose. I have had a very varied career, including teaching children and adults, which I hope enables me to help and support children and parents with the various difficulties we all face in modern life. I work full time at the school, so if you need to come in for a chat, please ring the school number 0151 288 6508. I am based in the Community Room on the ground floor, just by the main office. You are very welcome to call in for a tea/coffee.



Office Staff

Hello! We are the office Staff, Mrs Carol Halliday is the Office Manager and Mrs Steffi Brueckner-Hart Office Admin Assistant. If you need to contact us please telephone (0151 288 6508) or email We are happy to help with any enquiries.

  Mrs Carol Halliday - School Business Manager




    Mrs Steffi Brueckner-Hart - Office Admin Assistant




Site Manager

My name is Mr. Rogers and I look after the school. I have been the Site Manager since Rimrose Hope opened. My main priority is making sure our children and staff work in a safe environment. I really enjoy working in a great team and with all of the children. 






EYFS - Nursery

Hello , I am Mrs Owen. I have been working as a teacher for 25 years; most of my work has been in early years. I started teaching in the Nursery at Rimrose Hope in April 2011.  It is a privilege and a pleasure to work with the youngest members of our school and be part of their introduction to our school. The children never cease to inspire and amaze me with their wonderful creativity and imagination. The children learn through exploration and hands on activities and no one day is ever the same. Please visit the Nursery page to find out more about the children's learning journey. Another aspect of my role within school is the shared responsibility with Miss Brady of art and design technology . I am passionate about providing every opportunity for the children in our school to develop their talents in these areas. 




Hello! I'm Miss Broadfoot and you will find me in the Nursery! I enjoy being part of the Early Years team. It is always a special moment when children start nursery and so I try to make learning fun! Another part of my role is to co-ordinate the 30 hour provision for nursery aged children. It is very rewarding being part of the Rimrose Hope Primary School community. On a Wednesday morning I run the toddler group in the community room. It's  a great opportunity to share some time with your baby/ toddler in a friendly, informal atmosphere. There are lovely toys to play with and a range of books to share. If you are interested in joining please pop along.




EYFS - Reception

Hello! I am Mr Ward, Foundation Stage Manager and one of the Reception Class teachers in our school. I love working in the early years as it is a fantastic feeling to watch the children grow from strength to strength throughout the year. I enjoy working with our parents and carers to help the children achieve their potential and it is brilliant to have a resource like this website to help our bond with the children and parents grow even stronger.


Hi, my name is Mrs Ventre. I have just started my sixth year of teaching at Rimrose Hope and my fifth year teaching in Reception. I started my journey here as a PGCE student and fell in love with the school immediately. I am passionate about early years education, being part of all those wonderful 'lightbulb' moments our children have as they learn and discover new things! It is an absolute privilege to work at Rimrose Hope and watch our children grow in confidence and ability. 


Hi, my name is Mrs Quinn. I have been a Teaching Assistant for 10 years. I began working with Mr Ward when we amalgamated to Rimrose Hope, having previously worked in Beach Road School. I thoroughly enjoy working with Reception and helping the children develop through all areas of the curriculum. It is amazing to see how the children grow in their learning. I love my job as everyday is a unique experience and I feel privileged to be part of such a fantastic team in the Foundation Stage.





Hi, my name is Miss Rimmer. I have had the pleasure of working in Reception for the past three years, I am really passionate about my job and love working within the Early Years, I worked with Mr Ward and Mrs Quinn for a year and for the past two years I've worked alongside Mrs Ventre. 




Hi, my name is Miss Spollin. I have worked at Rimrose Hope for around 7 years now and have had the opportunity to work in different year groups throughout the years, but I have been fortunate to work in Reception class with Mrs Ventre for the last three years. I enjoy working with the younger children and I love to see the progress that they make from joining us from Nursery to leaving us to go up to Year 1.





Years 1 and 2


Hello, I am Miss Brady and I am part of the fantastic year 1/2 team! This is my  year teaching at our wonderful school and I feel extremely lucky to be a part of the Rimrose Hope family. I love watching our children progress and grow in confidence as they move along their school journey. Along with Mrs Owen, I am the Art and Design Technology Coordinator. We are passionate about giving the children opportunities to express and explore their artistic talents!



Hello, I am Mrs Duffy I am very proud to work at Rimrose Hope with our fantastic team in Years 1 and 2. I began my supporting role as a nursery nurse at Beach Road School in 1999. I am currently working as a HLTA supporting Miss McMinn and our wonderful children. I have the pleasure of watching our little ones progress and achieve and hope to make a significant contribution to their learning.





Hello, my name is Miss Jones and I teach in Year 1/2.  I started at Rimrose in 2018. Before starting at Rimrose, I had worked in a Sefton Schools for a number of years.  I feel very lucky to be able to support our children on their learning journey.  It is a great privilege to watch them grow and develop.  I have responsibility for Science across our school.  My aim is to encourage our children to love Science and provide them with many opportunities to develop their interest in Science.


I am Mrs Rogers and I am the class teaching assistant in 1/2M. I enjoy working with our lovely class and feel like a valued member of the team. I enjoy encouraging the children to reach new goals and try their best at all times. 


Hi, my name is Miss Sach. I am currently working in Y1/2 but I have also worked throughout the different key stages. I worked at Beach Road School for three years before it amalgamated with William Gladstone and became Rimrose Hope School. I enjoy watching the children learn, grow and progress to their abilities. 








Years 3 and 4

Hello I am Mrs West and I have been working in the local community for almost twenty years. I have worked in all year groups and am currently working in Year 4/5 alongside Mrs. Warrington.  I really enjoy seeing the children blossom as they learn new things. 













I am Mrs Robinson and I have been teaching for over 14 years. I have taught in all year groups but especially enjoy teaching in year 3/4. I love sports and I am in charge of P.E in school. I love working at Rimrose Hope and enjoy seeing children reach their full potential.










I am Mrs McComish and I am a class teacher in Year 3/4 and thoroughly enjoy watching the children achieve new goals and grow in confidence. I am thrilled to be part of such a wonderful team and feel lucky to have such a wonderful class! I'm looking forward to this year very much! As well as teaching my lovely class, I am also the MFL Coordinator. 






Hi, I'm Miss Pendleton. I've been a Teaching Assistant at Rimrose Hope for eight years, but have been working with children in various establishments for over twenty-four years. Whilst at Rimrose Hope, I have been lucky enough to work with most age groups and I'm currently working in Year 3/4 alongside Miss Dover and Mrs Robinson. No two days are the same in our school and I really enjoy the vital role I play in helping educate the children from our community. It is amazing to watch a child grow and develop both inside and out throughout their primary years. I contribute as part of a fantastic team who make learning fun and enjoyable. Seeing those 'light bulb' moments and end results make my job worthwhile.



My name is Miss Dover and I teach in Year 3/4. I have been a teacher for 6 years and

worked in different age ranges. Working with the wonderful children at Rimrose Hope

has made me rediscover my love for teaching and helping children to learn.






Years 5 and 6


Hi, I'm Mrs Stott - I have worked in Seaforth since 1997, at William Gladstone CE Primary and now at Rimrose Hope. I have taught across the age ranges, from Nursery up to Year 6 which has made my job varied and challenging, both of which make it a great job to have.
I have responsibility for Mathematics across the school. Maths tends to be a 'marmite' subject - you love it or hate it. It is my aim to ensure children at Rimrose Hope love it!  




Hello, I'm Miss Sullivan. smiley 

After four amazing years of working in Year 3/4, I moved a few doors up the corridor and am now the Year 6 teacher. I love teaching at Rimrose Hope and feel very lucky to work with such special and fantastic children. I am extremely passionate about providing a happy, positive environment so children are excited and eager to come to school to learn. I like to provide my children with a variety of learning opportunities to ensure that everybody's needs are met in order for them to achieve. I am also Computing coordinator and try to help with all things technology based such as the website and Twitter account @RimroseHope 

My door is always open for a chat - biscuits included!






Hello, I am Ms Toohey and I have been a Teaching Assistant in Year 5/6 since Rimrose Hope opened its doors in 2009. I love the rewards and challenges working in Year 6 brings and enjoy working with such inspirational staff and fantastic children.






Hi, I am Mr. McWilliam and I have been teaching since 2018. I am delighted to be part of the 5/6 team in this terrific school supported by a fantastic network of staff throughout. I am looking forward to progressing through my Rimrose Hope journey with this year group and seeing the children progress through their learning.



Rose Class

(Resource Base for Children with Complex Learning Difficulties)


Mr Keating
I have taught in Seaforth since 1993, firstly at Our Lady Star of the Sea, until my semi-retirement in 2011. I then delivered the Change4Life programme to a number of Sefton schools, to engage more children in sport and also ran Parents As Educators courses in some  schools in Numeracy and Literacy, as well as supply teaching. Since January 2014, I have had the privilege of teaching the wonderful children at Rimrose Hope across all of the age ranges, with fantastic support from all staff, with the added bonus of teaching the children of former pupils of Our Lady Star of the Sea! My current role is teaching the wonderful children in Rose Class alongside a dedicated team of colleagues. The children are a credit to the school, their families and themselves, coming into class every day wanting to learn and trying their best in all that they attempt.



I am Mrs. Ginn I now job share with Mr Keating in Rose Class.  I am SENDCO and am passionate about finding ways to remove barriers in learning so that children can achieve their full potential.  I have been a teacher at Rimrose Hope CE Primary School for the last 11 years and have enjoyed teaching children from Year 1 to Year 5. It has been a privilege to be able to watch the children grow in confidence as they progress through the school.

As an Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association I am delighted that Rimrose Hope has achieved the British Dyslexia Association Quality Mark.


Hello, My name is Mrs Pollard and I have worked in both William Gladstone and Rimrose Hope Schools as a Teaching Assistant since 2000.  I am currently working in Rose Class as a HLTA It is very fulfilling to see the children grow, develop and see them gain in confidence.  It is lovely to celebrate in their uniqueness.




Mrs Byers
I am a teaching assistant in Rose Class and have many years experience working with children who have special needs. I enjoy working as part of a dedicated team and in such a lovely school. I care very much about meeting the needs of all the children and in particular helping to create a nurturing learning environment.