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Religious Education

Religious Education


Hope in our Curriculum

"Our curriculum reflects the Christian values of the school and is both inspirational and relevant. It is a curriculum that creatively builds a love of learning so that all children reach their full potential.” (School Mission Statement)


The statement from our school vision is reflected in our RE curriculum as we strive to ensure that Christianity has a relevance to the children in our community. We constantly search to make our RE lessons authentic in the eyes of the children and we accept that the teachings of the church must reach out and embrace the children in the life they lead, not the life we would wish it to be. We are a voluntary controlled school that chooses to develop a distinctive approach to the teaching of RE. We make no excuses for the Christian values that we teach implicitly and explicitly and we want to develop the resilience that spirituality can bring to peoples’ lives in all of our community.


At Rimrose Hope the Christian ethos is woven through all that we do, however we ensure that our curriculum is balanced and broad and covers all aspects of other faiths identified within the LA agreed syllabus. Our RE curriculum is separated from our distinctly Christian worship procedure and a separate policy for worship at Rimrose Hope is available.


The aims of Religious Education at Rimrose Hope are:  


• To help our children develop respect and sensitivity for all people

• To help our children understand faith and moral codes to guide them and help them develop informed opinions  

• To help our children develop an understanding of modern multi-cultural Britain and how this is reflected in their lives and the local community  

• To help our children understand more about the importance of religion in today’s world.  

• To help our children reflect on their own experiences and to develop a personal response to the fundamental questions of life.


Religious Education Curriculum


We plan our religious education curriculum in accordance with the Sefton LA Agreed Syllabus and guidelines provided by Liverpool Diocese.

We ensure that each child’s understanding of topics studied in religious education is deepened and widened as they progress through each Key Stage.

We offer opportunities for children of all abilities to develop their skills and knowledge in each unit, and we ensure that the planned progression built into the scheme of work offers the children an increasing challenge as they move through the school. We identify mastery of content and knowledge as well as providing opportunities for deeper reflection. We believe that deep learning in RE comes through a strong understanding of the events, people, values and ideas within themes and we attempt to ensure that our children, know the stories, know the places and understand the events, so they can reflect on them and draw their own conclusions. The school ‘Storyline’ approach is a perfect fit for the narrative nature of most religious teaching.


At Rimrose Hope CE Primary school our mission to have faith in all of our children means that the issue of inclusion is at the heart of everything we do and in our RE teaching we use the principles of Quality First Practice.

This is done through:

➢ Differentiation

➢ TA support

➢ Opportunities for pupils to respond in different ways


Easter is an important celebration for Christians. It celebrates Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead, three days after he was executed by crucifixion. The children have really enjoyed learning about this special celebration and have explored the sadness and joy of Easter in a variety of different ways.


Making crosses using palm leaves

Children reenacted scenes from the Easter Story

Y6 Easter Poetry

                Stations of the Cross

The children in Rose Class really enjoyed their visit to The Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool. The children asked lots of thoughtful questions as they made their way around the 14 stations.


Visit to Metropolitan Cathedral

Remembrance Garden

Ykids, in partnership with The Gateway Collective, Well Sefton, and Sefton Council, created a Remembrance Garden in North Park Community Garden on 9th-11th November. Children from KS2 and Rose Class visited the garden, which included prayer stations, a chance to sample trench food, and provided an understanding about the local war history. 


A group of children from Key Stage 2 made fabric hearts to be apart of a display for one of the stations. Soldiers used to send 'sweetheart pincushions' back home from the frontline to their wives, sweethearts, and mothers. We would like to make 100 hearts to represent the 100 years since the war ended. 

Remembrance Garden

Visit to Metropolitan Cathedral

The children in Rose Class enjoyed a visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Visit to Metropolitan Cathedral


Families attended Messy Church as part of our Christingle celebrations. Rev Irene led the service.

Worship Warriors

Worship Warriors have been planning and leading weekly collective worship since September. The children are dedicated and contribute to the Christian ethos of the school. The children really enjoyed their retelling of The Nativity Story.

Worship Warrior Assemblies


Children in KS1 and KS2 enjoyed learning all about Diwali. They had a series of workshops throughout the day and enjoyed learning some traditional Indian dance moves.

Diwali Workshops 2017

Shoebox Appeal

The Shoebox Appeal sends a message of hope to children all over world through gift-filled shoe boxes. It is the world’s largest children’s Christmas project. The project has brought the joy of Christmas to boys and girls throughout the world. Last year shoe boxes were sent to children in hospitals, orphanages, homeless shelters and poor communities. Children in many countries have received a shoe box since the project began. Often a shoe box full of gifts is the only present these children will receive at Christmas. 


Thank you for your generous donations.




Shoebox Appeal

Year 5 and 6 Nativity

Year 6 Leavers' Service at the Cathedral

Community Carol Concert


Rimrose Rhapsodies really enjoyed the carol service led by Bootle Team Ministry and Y-Kids. They sang beautifully and were a credit to the school.smiley



Community Carol Concert

Harvest Festival