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What's inside our body?

Animals Including Humans 


In our Animals Including Humans topic, the children learnt about what organs are inside our bodies. The children have learnt about the digestive system and how what we eat affects our bodies. 



How can we take care of endangered animals? 

Endangered Animals 


During this topic the children will learn about the structure of the rainforest including its inhabitants. The children will learn about what happens to the inhabitants when their homes are destroyed for palm oil plantations. The children will learn about how the demands for products in the western world impacts on the wildlife in the Indonesian rainforests. 



What did the Romans do for us? 

The Romans 


During our Romans topic, the children will learn about what life was like in Roman inhabited Britain. The children will learn about how and why the Romans came to Britain, why they left and their inventions and infrastructures they left us with.