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Faith in our children – the hope for the future.

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Equality and Diversity

'Faith in our children - the 'Hope' for our future.' is a mission statement created by our community on the day our school came into being in 2008. It remains central to everything we have done since, continue to do now and look forward to doing in the future.

Our vision reflects the aspirations of our community to create a school where the relationships between staff, children, parents and the community are held to be central to our purpose. We understand that people need to feel valued and wanted if they are to give their best and flourish. We are an inclusive school in every sense of the word and we see social, emotional, spiritual, physical development and academic development as having equal importance for every child. Indeed, we understand that a child's emotional wellbeing influences all other aspects of their life, and children will sometimes need support to help them navigate their way through difficult periods as they grow and develop a sense of who they are and where their place is in the world.

We believe that good mental health and wellbeing should be promoted for all children. We understand that some children are at greater risk to experiencing mental health or emotional wellbeing issues than their peers and that there are particular times when the school or home experience will place a strain on children's wellbeing, and we continue to remain alert to those factors.

We are proud of our reputation for inclusivity, we are well known and respected for the quality of our pastoral care within our local authority. Local community mapping has highlighted that the area we serve is one of severe deprivation with many of the associated social issues, but we deal with these issues in a caring and consistent way.

Our families face many challenges and staff know that we have to work hard for our successes, however we have established a positive ethos in our classes that will help every child aspire to be all that they can be.

Equality & Diversity Training with Peter Yip