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Maths Curriculum

The Mathematics curriculum at Rimrose Hope aims to develop children’s ability to calculate, reason and solve problems. 

The way in which we teach Maths is based on research into the way children learn, with a focus on giving the children clear images to support their thinking. Teaching is based on the research of Jerome Bruner who proposed three modes of representation:

  • Concrete representation (action-based)
  • Pictorial representation (image-based)
  • Symbolic representation (language-based)
    Mathematical topics are taught following this process so that the children learn in a hands on way, moving when they are ready to thinking in terms of images than finally thinking of maths in terms of numbers and symbols.


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Children's mathematical understanding is then applied to reasoning and problem solving activities, covering word problems, finding all possibilities, describing rules and patterns, visual puzzles and diagrams and logic.

Our curriculum aims to give the children the mathematical skills needed in many areas of everyday life including future employment, but equally strives to develop the children’s enjoyment and curiosity in the subject.  


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World Book Day 

We had a Maths themed book day this year. Across school, we used books that showed the actual size of animals in our Maths lessons.  At home, the children made data focused posters and fact files about animals.

Twosday 22.2.22

We celebrated palindrome day across the school.

Maths Challenge

Some of our Year 5 mathematicians took part in a maths challenge at Chesterfield High School.  One of teams came 3rd!! The children worked brilliantly as a team to problem solve and calculate.  We particularly enjoyed the relay section, where we had to run to deliver answers and collect our next question.

Visit from HMRC - teaching us about tax

HMRC came in to school to teach KS2 about what taxes are, who pays them and why they are so important to society. The children worked as groups to distinguish which aspects of a modern city are funded by tax, had a go at being Chancellor of the Exchequer and even had to decide what they think would be a reasonable amount of income tax to be taken from their wages.

Becoming a mathematician at Rimrose Hope

Early Years Foundation Stage



In Nursery and Reception we use objects, pictures and images then symbols to learn how to count, recognise quantities and numbers, order, compare and calculate.  We then use our skills to reason and problem solve.

Shape, Space and Measure

We learn about pattern, shapes, time, money, weight, length, capacity, position and distance in our maths work.  We reason and solve problems using our skills.

Key Stage 1

In Years 1 and 2 we build on our knowledge and skills from EYFS, still learning new concepts with concrete resources before moving on to images then symbols and words.  We prove our reasoning and problem solve with each topic.

Key Stage 2

In Years 3 to 6 we build on all the hard work we have done to continue our journey in Maths.  All new learning follows the same format, using concrete resources and real life situations before moving to images then symbols.