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PE Curriculum

PE Curriculum


Sport is an important aspect of life at Rimrose Hope. We encourage the children to join in and provide them with a range of learning experiences to enrich their cultural, physical, mental and spiritual development, so that they become confident and positive individuals, who take responsibility for their own healthy choices and lifestyle. PE is a significant subject within Rimrose Hope and offers teachers powerful connections for other curriculum areas, from learning through “play”, an essential form of learning in our early years to the confidence that comes from a strong healthy body and mind in later years. It has positive physical and mental impact on the child and teachers are mindful of the importance of engaging children early in individual and team based sport activities.

Progression of Skills

Year 6 Residential

At Rimrose Hope, we believe that learning is most effective when it's fun. Each year, our year 6 children endure an outdoor adventure activity experience that naturally has additional benefits which encourage the development of social and personal skills. All activities are visited offsite and the selection of challenging, high-adrenaline and fun activities are programmed to suit our children's requirements including: team building, resilience, self confidence and enjoyment. 

Year 6 Water Safety

KS2 Dance

Outdoor Education

Year 1/2CR Gynmastics Travelling, Jumping and Rolling

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Year 1/2 CR Gymnastics Group and Apparatus Work

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Year 1/2 Gymnastics

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Year 1/2 CR have been working this term with the Beth Tweedle Gymnastics Academy. This is part of their warm up each week.

P.E Curriculum Map 2017-2018

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