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Sports Ambassadors

Rimrose Sports Ambassadors

The sports ambassadors meet half termly to review and discuss all things sports related at Rimrose Hope Primary School.  Older members of the group take responsibility for running games at lunchtime, helping to run and organise sports day and other whole school events and collating questionnaires to gather feedback on such events. 


Our sports ambassadors here at Rimrose Hope are proud to part of the group and set an exceptional example to others.  Here is what they had to say about recent events they took part in the organisation of.....




"I really liked orienteering because it is a good way to build up your maps skill whilst being active!"

"Orienteering is a great because you get to learn outside."

"I always wondered how to use the signs and symbols around the playground and now I know! It was fun running to each one solving the problem."



"I love it when we get to compete against each other, it makes PE lessons so much more exciting."

"The best bit was when I got to be the Golden Snitch, but I had to run fast as I didn't want to get caught."

"When the sorting hat put me in Ravenclaw, I was relieved as I didn't want to be in Sylethrin!"



"I liked it because we got to do lots of activities and not just one."

"The sessions were great as we got to work on our fitness levels."

"I loved working in a team with my friends, it made the lesson much more enjoyable."


Yoga and Mindfulness

"Yoga was so relaxing. It was lovely to just sit and be."

"I enjoyed the listening games because I got all of the answers correct."

"I liked it because it helped me to understand that as well as a healthy body, I need a healthy mind too."





Healthy Lifestyles Month