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Hope Historians

Meet the Historians

Hope Historians our proud to share their thoughts, views and opinions about history as a subject in Rimrose Hope. Check out our the Hope Historian Podcasts - a series in which our regular historian - plus the occasional special guest- have a chat about the significance of historical study.

Reviews of our podcast:

'Fantastic to listen to the children talk with such confidence and empathy about race and racism-reflects so much the ethos and commitment the school has towards championing equality and diversity.'- Peter Yip, Equality and Diversity consultant


'Developing pupils' vocabulary is one of the most essential components of the primary curriculum. After listening to the Hope Historian's Podcast, it is clear that developing vocabulary is embedded across the history curriculum at Rimrose Hope. All of the children spoke with confidence and displayed outstanding speaking and listening skills- speaking clearly; taking turns; commenting on what each other said and justifying their answers with evidence from history. The Hope Historians are a credit to the school and this podcast demonstrates how pupils at Rimrose are given opportunities to talk about their learning and share knowledge with younger and older pupils. I think these podcasts are an excellent resource to share with other classes. Their teacher expertly demonstrated and modelled how to use historical vocabulary and the children absolutely soaked the learning up and applied it throughout the podcast. As you can see, I absolutely loved this!' - Maddy Barnes, English advisor, teacher, author and BBC Bitesize contributor

Hope Historians' podcast👑⭐

Episode 1

Welcome to the first ever Hope Historian's podcast! In these episodes, we will be discussing all things historical in school, in our local community and around the world. 

In our first EVER episode, you get to meet (most of) our Hope Historians and find out a bit about the topics we've done throughout school. Stay tuned right to the end as we begin our epic quest to find The Best Joke in history!

Episode 2

Our festive special of the Hope Historian's Podcast! In this episode, we discuss Christmas through history, including how people may have celebrated Christmas in the past. We also shared facts about significant events that happened. Listen right to the end as we continue to review the best historical jokes, although most Historian's thought that Ava's joke was a cut above the rest🙃 Special interruption guest: Mrs. Breuckner-Hart🎅🎄❄

Episode 3

In this special edition Podcast, we have our fabulous Year 6's sharing their thoughts on the film The Island on Bird Street (1997). We were kindly invited to Crosby Plaza for the Holocaust Memorial Week screening of a film that shows the horrors of living through persecution and war while also being inspirational and highlighting the positive ways people treat each other (we thoroughly recommend it!)

Episode 4

In this Juniors special episode, we talk all about the fateful events of April, 1912 and the RMS Titanic. The Hope Historians (plus special guest Millie) discuss their storyline role in the events, from 1st Class passengers enjoying the high life in the luxurious suites to the 3rd Class passenger in Steerage, bunking deep down in the bowels of the ship near the engines. We focus on what history can teach us about equality and inequality between groups of people.

Stay tuned for the next candidates for Best Joke in History about History!

Episode 5

In our first podcast of the new school year, we have a unique historic edition. The Hope Historians came together to discuss the term historic and how it applies to the events of 8th September 2022 and the death of Queen Elizabeth II. We shared our experience of hearing the news and spoke of the changes that we'll see in the world.

Episode 6

Happy New Year 2023! In this episode, the Hope Historians have an open table to choose and discuss an area of history that they are interested in or that they'd really like to know more about. We range from finding out more about the Ancient Egyptians and Iron Age to learning more about what happened to the dinosaurs.

Episode 7

No, not those rulers!!! This episode is about the people in history who had control and power over places and people. We looked at some pictures to identify famous (or infamous) rulers through history. Then the Historians chose some candidates for the most significant leaders in history, providing some facts and research. Have a look at the amazing pictures they did to go with their ruler 👑 

Episode 8

In this extra special edition of the Hope Historian Podcast, we're setting a challenge to the whole of the school! We'll discuss the historic event of King Charles III coronation and how we can celebrate it by designing his new emblem👑