Rimrose Hope CofE Primary School

Faith in our children – the hope for the future.

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Our Aims



              Faith in our Children

                     - the hope for the future.




Our Early Years must serve to reaffirm core principles which values:


  • The child at the centre of practice
  • The child’s connections within family, communities, cultures & the wider world
  • The whole child
  • The rights of the child as outlined in the UNCRC (1989)


We appreciate that all children have agency and a desire to learn and make connections. As such we aim to provide high quality provision based on: A Unique child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments, Learning and Development. Through this provision, we will ensure that our children are listened to and recognised as experts in their own lives, promoting inclusive principles for practice that all children are entitled to.

We recognise the importance of providing children with experiences that enhance and develop their dispositions to learning and their right to play. Our vision is to provide experiences that support children to think and learn for themselves, helping to form the foundations of long-life learners.



  • Children learn best when they feel happy, safe and secure.
  • Children are experts in the own lives and as such are co-constructors of their learning, alongside skilled adults.
  • Children learn at different rates and learning journeys are all unique.
  • Effective learning must be meaningful to a child in order for them to use what they know and apply it in new contexts.
  • Children need opportunities to develop the Characteristics of Effective Learning (CoEL) so that they are able to approach learning situations with curiosity, energy and enthusiasm.