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Welcome to Nursery


Nursery Staff

Mrs Owen - Nursery Teacher

Miss Broadfoot - Nursery Nurse 

Miss Kent  - Teaching Assistant 


EYFS Leader: Mrs Warrington 


We are pleased to offer fifteen hours free education taken over five sessions Monday to Friday. With the option of paying for additional hours at a cost of £5 a day. We also offer 30 hours free education and care for working parents, please visit to check your eligibility.  All our extra sessions are subject to conditions and availability. More information about the 30 hours  and useful documents about your child's early learning and development can be found at the bottom of the page. Hard copies are available on request from the school office.


Nursery Admissions 

Please fill in a registration form which you can collect at the school office , request via email or complete online. We will also need to see your child's birth certificate, as part of the application. Your child will be able to start nursery the term after their third birthday. Once you have completed your application we  will be in touch to arrange a visit prior to your child's start date.

Children attending our nursery are required to wear a school uniform. The uniform consists of maroon jogging bottoms, white polo shirt and maroon sweatshirt. It can be purchased from Paul’s Place 272 Stanley Road, Bootle, L20 3ER.  Tel: 0151 922 2472. We also ask for the children to please wear Velcro fastening footwear.

Please visit our class page and  twitter  to keep up to date with what is happening in nursery. and the school  community.

Parental Feedback

"He has been happy in nursery since the first day he started. Thank you for looking after him so well".


"Happy ,safe ,loves all her teachers .Always comes out with a smile".


"Not going to get a better environment for your child. The whole school is an amazing community. Your child will grow here . It's great to go from Buddies to nursery"


"I can see the difference in him . He is talking more now".


Curriculum Information

The Early Years Foundation stage curriculum provides a framework containing 7 areas of learning and a set of  guiding principles. The curriculum as a whole reflects the belief that every child is a unique individual who can learn and develop through positive relationships and enabling environments.


Personal Social  and Emotional Development

Children learn to feel confident in their own strengths and abilities. They learn to manage their feelings and share play with their friends, showing respect and kindness to others.


Communication and Language

The Children have the opportunity to experience a language rich environment to help develop vocabulary and fluency. A child who can speak clearly and confidently will be a successful learner .


Physical Development

The Children have the opportunity to be active and develop their coordination,control and movement. They are   encouraged to learn vital self-help skills and the importance of healthy lifestyles.



The Children take part in story time every day to develop their knowledge and love of books in readiness for learning to read independently. They learn to retell stories and rhymes using actions, props and role play. The children are taught to link sounds and letters using a structured approach proven to be effective in teaching early reading skills. The children will begin to 'write' by making marks that carry meaning.We provide lots of opportunity to develop hand strength and hand/eye coordination. This ensures our children have the physical skills needed to develop their drawing and  writing.



The children have the opportunity to develop early maths skills in counting ,estimating, problem solving and number recognition. They will also learn to describe properties of shapes and patterns.


Understanding the world 

Children celebrate special times and learn about traditions around the world. They learn to make sense of their environment and community through exploration, observation and technology.


Expressive arts and design

Children take part in art ,music ,dance, role play and design technology projects. They have the opportunity to express their ideas ,feelings and make choices from a range of media. 


 You can click on the links below to support your child's early learning and development. Hope they are useful your feedback is always welcome.


Useful Websites






EYFS website welcome video

Welcome to Rimrose Hope. We hope you enjoy our welcome video, highlighting our wonderful EYFS!



Our Early Years must serve to reaffirm core principles which values:


  • The child at the centre of practice
  • The child’s connections within family, communities, cultures & the wider world
  • The whole child
  • The rights of the child as outlined in the UNCRC (1989)


We appreciate that all children have agency and a desire to learn and make connections. As such we aim to provide high quality provision based on: A Unique child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments, Learning and Development. Through this provision, we will ensure that our children are listened to and recognised as experts in their own lives, promoting inclusive principles for practice that all children are entitled to.

We recognise the importance of providing children with experiences that enhance and develop their dispositions to learning and their right to play. Our vision is to provide experiences that support children to think and learn for themselves, helping to form the foundations of long-life learners.



  • Children learn best when they feel happy, safe and secure.
  • Children are experts in the own lives and as such are co-constructors of their learning, alongside skilled adults.
  • Children learn at different rates and learning journeys are all unique.
  • Effective learning must be meaningful to a child in order for them to use what they know and apply it in new contexts.
  • Children need opportunities to develop the Characteristics of Effective Learning (CoEL) so that they are able to approach learning situations with curiosity, energy and enthusiasm.

Capturing and monitoring children's progress in EYFS


Tapestry is a secure online learning journal that allows us to record photographs, observations and comments about your child, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. This builds up a record of your child's experiences while they are with us and enables us to monitor their progress and plan their next steps. All the information held on this platform is stored securely and can only be accessed by practitioners and parents / or carers. Tapestry is a fantastic way for us to work collaboratively with you, as you can add comments and send photographs and videos from home. You will receive more information about Tapestry when your child starts at Rimrose Hope, and once you have your unique login details can begin to track your child's learning journey. 


Additional information from Tapestry website can be found here.

Celebrating Christmas

Outside Learning and Exploration

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Investigating Colour