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Faith in our children – the hope for the future.

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Our Mission

Our Mission Statement:


'Faith in our children - the hope for the future’


“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

John 1:5

Before ‘Hope’ comes ‘Faith’ and at Rimrose Hope we established our vision of ‘Faith in our children – the Hope for the future’ at a meeting of children, governors, staff, parents, church leaders and LA advisors with the desire that as our faith grew, so too would our understanding of God’s presence in our everyday lives, and we would begin to hope.


Hope is a core value for our school because we share in the joy that comes in the belief that there is always hope and all is never lost. Hope is an attitude of mind that we develop through opportunities to explore faith in God and each other. At Rimrose Hope we reflect on the Christian idea that God has a plan for us and this helps us to keep going even when things get hard and when we face new challenges. We want our pupils know and feel that there is no ceiling to what they can do in life. We want them to leave our school feeling optimistic about the future. Together we can turn hope into reality and live out our mission in the community of Seaforth.




Hope in our Community

Our community is an integral part of the life of our school. We will work in partnership with the Parishes of St Matthew’s and St Leonard's to promote Christian values for the good of our children, parents, community and our world.


Hope in our Relationships

All members of our school community promote positive relationships showing respect for each other so that personal example is the inspiration for everyone.


Hope in our Learning

Our school is a learning community where everyone is inspired to reach their full potential, to keep on learning and to encourage others to learn.


Hope in our Curriculum

Our curriculum reflects the Christian values of the school and is both inspirational and relevant. It is a curriculum that creatively builds a love of learning so that all children flourish academically and spiritually.


Hope for our Future Citizens

Our children will become trustworthy, kind, caring, honest and respectful individuals who want to make a positive contribution to the socially diverse world they live in.


Hope for our Children

Our hope is for our children to be nurtured in a Christian environment so that they become responsible, hope-filled and life-long learners ready to make a valuable contribution to our school, our community and our world.


Hope for our Staff and Governors

Staff and governors work together to deliver a world class education in an environment where everyone is valued and everyone is supported with their continuing professional development.


Hope for a Healthy Life

Our children are provided with a range of learning experiences to enrich their cultural, physical, mental and spiritual development, so that they become self-confident and positive individuals who take responsibility for their own healthy choices and life style.