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Fairtrade Fortnight

Y Kids led a series of workshops for KS2  entitled 'Run for your Money.'

The children discovered what it is like to be a manufacturer of trainers and it raised their awareness of the unfair conditions many workers in developing countries have to endure.

Fairtade Fortnight - Run for your Money

Fairtade Fortnight - Run for your Money 1
Fairtade Fortnight - Run for your Money 2
Fairtade Fortnight - Run for your Money 3

Year 6 Smile Challenge

The children in Year 6 were given £10 by Mr. Crilly. They were also given the challenge of using the £10 to generate and raise more money and then donate the profit to a local charity. The children chose the charity Four Seasons as they wanted to support a local charity that provided work and education opportunities for adults with additional needs in our local community. The children met with members of the charity and local adults who access the facility. Whilst there, the children decided that they wanted to do something that was eco friendly. The children came up with the idea of designing and making bags for life. The children researched plastic pollution and generated designs based on this. Bags were made and sold within the local community and at the garden centre within Four Seasons. The children made over £257 in profit, donating £170 of this money to Four Seasons. The children also decided to donate the remaining money to our Rose Class to create a sensory garden to create a calming environment that the children in the resource base can access. 

British Food Fortnight - Celebrating our rich and diverse cultural through food, both traditional and modern.

British Food Fortnight

Shoebox Appeal 2017

Shoebox Appeal 2017 1
Shoebox Appeal 2017 2
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