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Equality and Diversity

Our school is a relatively new school. We amalgamated eight years ago and during the process of our amalgamation the staff, parents and governors discussed the kind of school they wanted to create. Our vision reflects the aspirations of partners to create a school where the relationships between staff, children, parents and the community are held to be central to our purpose. We understand that people need to feel valued and wanted if they are to give their best and this philosophy became our starting point for our vision. We are an inclusive school in every sense of the word and we see social development and academic development as equally important. We have a Local Authority CLD Base that caters for up to 20 children with complex needs and we are well known and respected for the quality of our pastoral care. Local community mapping has highlighted that the area we serve is one of severe deprivation with many of the associated social issues but we deal with these issues in a caring and consistent way. We are a caring school and the staff are cared for as well as the students.

This is a challenging school and staff know that we have to work hard for our successes, however we are establishing a ‘can do’ ethos in our classes that will help our children aspire to be all that they can be.

Equality & Diversity Training with Peter Yip - September 2017

Equality & Diversity Training with Peter Yip - September 2017 1
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