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Modern Foreign Language Curriculum

MFL at Rimrose Hope

There are many advantages of learning a foreign language, and many would argue that it is becoming essential in our rapidly changing world. Acquiring a second language improves your memory and increases your attention span. The process of becoming bilingual exercises your brain, challenges you to concentrate and boosts your problem solving skills. Learning a new language also boosts creativity and builds up self-confidence.

Here at Rimrose Hope, our aim is that all KS2 children are able to confidently express their own ideas and thoughts in German. The skills to do this are embedded and built upon from year 3 right through to year 6.

In this section you will find the programme of study as outlined in the National Curriculum, as well as links to websites and games that your child may find helpful.

Year 5 and 6 children receiving letters from their German penpals

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