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Maths Curriculum

The Mathematics curriculum at Rimrose Hope aims to develop children’s ability to calculate, reason and solve problems. 

The way in which we teach Maths is based on research into the way children learn, with a focus on giving the children clear images to support their thinking. Teaching is based on the research of Jerome Bruner who proposed three modes of representation:

  • Concrete representation (action-based)
  • Pictorial representation (image-based)
  • Symbolic representation (language-based)
    Mathematical topics are taught following this process so that the children learn in a hands on way, moving when they are ready to thinking in terms of images than finally thinking of maths in terms of numbers and symbols.


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Children's mathematical understanding is then applied to problems solving activities, covering word problems, finding all possibilities, describing rules and patterns, visual puzzles and diagrams and logic.

Our curriculum aims to give the children the mathematical skills needed in many areas of everyday life including future employment, but equally strives to develop the children’s enjoyment and curiosity in the subject.  


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Becoming a mathematician at Rimrose Hope

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