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Welcome to RV's very own page :) Despite possible cries of "I didn't do anything in school today" when you ask your little darling what they have been up to, we are always busy learning and having lot's of fun along the way.

I will update this page every Friday so you can see for yourself :)

Thanks for your continued support in everything we do.

Mrs Ventre

Look what we can do now ;)

Look how hard we have been working!

Chilli Challenges! RV are on FIRE!!

The Little Red Hen - Tasting different types of Bread. Yum, yum :)

What a busy week! We have been learning sounds and writing captions. Grinding corn and making bread, like The Little Red Hen and tasting Cinderella Pumpkin Soup that Mrs Ventre made from Pumpkins picked on a farm! EYFS is the life for me :)

We are busy bees!

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