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Welcome to Reception!

Hello and a very warm welcome to Reception. We have two Reception classes with the following staff in each class:

RV- Mrs. Ventre, Miss Spollin and Miss Crilly

RW- Mr. Ward, Mrs Pollard and Miss Sutcliffe

EYFS Leader: Mr. Ward


Just select the star of your child’s class to access class specific posts such as photographs and video links.


We have two vibrant and exciting classrooms and a very appealing outdoors space for the children. Play is at the heart of our curriculum and we use children's natural desire to learn and expand their horizons to shape our day. We celebrate the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' that our pupils show in their day to day endeavours and use these aptitudes to plan next steps.


Our curriculum is driven by 'Key Texts'. We plan around fantastic story books that 'hook' the children into their learning and then we use this motivation to deepen the children's knowledge across the 7 areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). These 7 areas of learning are split into 'Prime Areas' and 'Specific Areas' of learning:

Prime Areas:
Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We help the children to collaborate, to share and to learn self-regulation skills. Being friendly, fair and kind are prized qualities and that's what we want our children to aspire to.
Physical Development: We have a top class professional sports coach (affectionally known as MJ) who teaches the children high quality PE lessons. The children learn about healthy lifestyle choices and self-care (which is especially vital in these Covid times). We help the children develop their gross and fine motor skills which equips them to fully access the EYFS curriculum. For example, gross motor skills are 'big' movements. This will help them climb a tree, jump over a puddle and ride a bike. Their fine motor skills, help them to independently use cutlery, pick up a pencil/pen/paintbrush to draw and write and also helps them fasten up their coats, put gloves on etc.

Communication and Language: What a vital area! Without language, everything becomes more complicated. Children in Reception who have strong expressive language skills and broad vocabularies thrive. If the children can focus and listen, they can learn new skills. If they have strong speaking skills, they can articulate their thoughts and feelings to others which builds connections. We believe that we have cultivated a language rich environment that develops these crucial early language skills. 

Specific Areas:

Literacy: We take reading and writing very seriously and are dedicated to developing your child into an independent reader and writer as quickly as possible. We teach the children to read by using phonics to teach the children letter sounds (graphemes) and they are taught to 'blend' these graphemes together to read words and to 'segment' the graphemes to spell and write words. 

Mathematics: The children are given the time and encouragement to become fluent and secure with early number skills. They are immersed in accurate counting skills, problem solving, reasoning skills and are taught to explore the properties of number. For example, number bonds to 10. We also study the properties and qualities of shapes (2D and 3D shapes) and measures. 

Understanding the World: We have a superb wooded area where the children can actively experience and celebrate the changes in the seasons. The children learn about different cultures around the world, they can access exciting scientific experiments and discoveries and learn about important people in our lives and community. 

Expressive Arts and Design: The children are taught by our tremendous Music teacher, Mrs Payet. She tunes the children into rhythm and beat, whilst teaching them a lovely selection of catchy songs and rhymes! Children can access multi-sensory resources to explore their creative urges and are taught about artists and their techniques. The children's imaginations are cultivated by role-play resources that help them to connect to our curriculum.


We work hard to provide your child with a great start to school life and we are extremely keen to develop great relationships with the families of the children in our classes. We are a friendly, knowledgeable group of people who love teaching in the early years, so please don’t be a stranger. 

Please check our page for regular posts about what we have been learning and to learn about how you can help at home. 

We will continue to use the fantastic Google Classroom to share best practice and to enable you to help your child to fulfill their potential.

Thank you! 

Mr Ward smiley