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Helping Your Child to Learn

Helping Your Child to Learn


We know that schools only provide part of your child's learning.  Often the real love for learning is stimulated from home.  In this section we have added some booklets that explain how families can learn together.

The curriculum part of our school website is also full of handy web-links and ideas that you can try at home.  

We hope that you find them useful and they help to support your child's learning at home in a fun way.

Don't forget to visit our e-safety section for tips on helping your children stay safe when they are learning and communicating online.


We are excited to launch our new homework learning platform-Frogplay. Frogplay is an online learning platform that can be accessed through a range of digital devices including: smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The platform aims to provide children with a new and exciting way to learn. Children will be assigned tasks that they will complete at online, once the children have answered a series of questions correctly, there are online games that the children can play allowing them to gain points.

Instructions for logging into Frogplay

Type into a search engine (such as google)

(The sign in screen will appear)


School ID: 134371
Username: RosieJones (capital letters are needed for forenames and surname)
For double barrelled names, they should be typed as they appear on the register e.g.



Password: child's date of birth e.g 22092011