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Group 3

Group 3 Writing Starting Speed Sounds Set 2

A short video teaching you how to enable your child to push their writing development on to the next level. I have put detailed, day by day instructions in your latest learning pack to help you significantly improve your child's reading and writing development.

Group 3 yes no questions reading and writing: A short video to accompany the reading and writing resources in your latest home school lesson pack.

12/05/2020 Update: Hopefully, over the past few weeks, your work together has helped your child to make significant improvements in their reading and writing development. I sent home an assessment tick list sheet featuring the sounds that they have been taught. Use this information to revisit and practice sounds that they do not know. You can use your Speed Sounds Set 1 sheet to look over all of these sounds. If they don't know 'sh' , you can practice finding it and saying it, writing it and reading and writing words featuring the 'sh' sound. This targeted practice helps burn information into your child's long term memory. This video features some more challenging reading activities and demonstrates how you can use them to improve your child's writing skills too.

25/03/2020: The children in this group are generally getting to grips with the process of independent reading. They have been taught nearly all of speeds sounds set 1 which is the lighter coloured sheet in your home school learning pack (featuring all letters a to z and the more challenging graphemes: nk, ng, th, sh and ch). Some members of this group have found it difficult to remember all of these sounds and apply them to independently read  and write single words, for example, 'cat'. I will provide activities and opportunities for you to overcome this. Other children in this group have been reading and writing short captions featuring these sounds in, for example 'pat a dog'. I will continue to help you build up these skills and I genuinely hope that you will feel great pride and enjoyment as you embark upon this journey together. Your child will now receive one to one support from you with their life long skill of reading and writing and this will help them immeasurably when they return to school. I will be on hand to coach you and help your child make as much progress in this vital area as possible.

Please use the resources below to help with your child's reading development. They are learning to read words phonetically, by saying the sound in a word and 'blending' them together to read the word independently. I have attached a range of captions that you can read together to stretch the children's ability to comprehend what they have read I have also made a video (please scroll down) to demonstrate this and how to use them to write captions in your yellow books. 

Group 3 Reading and Writing Video 1

Some advice about teaching your child to read and write phonetically. Write together and then wash your hands together! 😁