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Group 2

Group 2: Writing and reading in more detail

21/05/2020 An overview of the writing resources that I have prepared for your latest learning packs. I hope you enjoy using your new literacy resources to further enhance your child's reading and writing skills.

25/03/2020 The children in this group have learnt a lot of letters sounds. They still need to learn the next set and I will help you to teach these to the children. Most of the children in this group are able to read longer sentences featuring words in that contain some of the more challenging sounds that we teach the children. For example, p-ar-k, sh-ou-t-i-ng, n-igh-t. Some of the children in this group need more practise and support to become stronger readers and independent writers and I really hope that we can achieve this together whilst we work at a distance. The children have also learnt a lot of 'tricky words' that help to build up their reading fluency. These are words that can't be 'decoded/sounded out' such as 'was', 'they' and 'the'. I hope you enjoy your learning journey together. Your child is lucky to have you working with them and you have a unique opportunity to establish lifelong literacy skills that will help your child go from strength to strength when they return to school. Thank you. 

Developing writing skills Group 2 video 1

How to help children in group 2 make their next step as a writer.