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Group 1

25th of March 2020: The children in this group are reading with a pleasing amount of fluency. They have learnt a lot of letter sounds that we teach to the children and can use these sounds to read longer sentences and more challenging words, for example, howling, float. They have also been taught a large number of 'tricky words'. Words that can not be 'decoded/sounded out'. For example 'some', 'they'. They are using this knowledge to read more interesting sentences and can comprehend what they have read. The children in this group are writing longer and more detailed sentences using their knowledge of letter sounds. They can spell polysyllabic words and generate their own ideas for writing. We were aiming to start the children in this group on pre-story writing skills. I will guide you through these steps in a series of videos. I hope you enjoy this beautiful writing adventure together!

Group 1 Video 1

Using the inspiration of the image 'Tunnel in the Hedge' from the once upon a picture website to generate ideas for story writing.