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Christian Values- The Hope Award

British Values at Rimrose Hope C of E Primary School


‘Faith in our children - the hope for the future.’

Here is a little information about Rimrose Hope’s award scheme and how it dovetails perfectly into the promotion of British values. The Scheme is called the ‘Hope Award’ scheme and all children should get involved from Foundation Stage to Year 6.


You may notice some children around the school wearing neckers, woggles and badges. These children have started the Hope Award Scheme. The scheme is based around similar principles to earning badges for activities in the Beavers, Cubs, Boy Scouts or Girl Guides. Our scheme develops a number of Christian values and follows our school rules and behaviour policy and you will see a number of statements embroidered into our badges:


Take Care of Ourselves: The British and Christian values of responsibility, creativity, perseverance and endurance.


Take Care of Each Other: The British and Christian values of friendship, service, citizenship and community responsibility.


Take Care of Our Learning: The British and Christian values of wisdom, self improvement, aspiration.


Take Care of Our School, Community and Our World: The British and Christian values of service, democracy, justice, citizenship and community responsibility.


Take Care of Our Future: The British and Christian values of hope, service, citizenship and community responsibility.





























Alongside these statements you will see the Christian values of Friendship, Endurance, Creation, Hope, Justice, Wisdom printed onto the badges. These are the values we want to promote at our school and we will be providing lots of opportunities for your children to live up to these values outside of school hours; before and after school; of a lunch time, at home and in their own chosen clubs beyond the school boundaries.

There is no cost attached to the awards, the children will bring badges home for you to sew on their neckers and the children can wear their neckers and badges as part of their everyday school uniform if they wish. We feel that this award scheme will motivate the children to show more of the values we see as important within our community and we hope you will encourage your child to get involved.


When you visit the school you will notice that we have commissioned several pieces of artwork to reflect our core Christian Values. This year we will be adding to our collection with a piece of art work centred around the Christian Value of Justice.





2022 Lenten Challenge

For children to gain their ‘Service’ badge, they must complete as many of the Lenten Challenge tasks and upload images to our Twitter or Facebook page. Our aim this Lent is to flood our social media platforms with acts of kindness. Throughout the period of Lent, the children will be listening to stories, participating in activities and learning about the kind acts by Jesus. During Lent, our Worship Warriors will deliver an assembly each week, retelling a story from the Bible with the message of service to God. 

We are encouraging our children to continue their acts of kindness at home and in our community. Join us in challenging the children to make a difference by taking care of each other, their community and their world through acts of kindness. 

Justice Award 2018

Justice Award 2018

For this term's Hope Award the children were looking at the value of 'justice'. The children were asked to find out what the term 'justice' meant and think about how Jesus' teachings of justice impacts on our daily life. The children presented their findings to the class, shared their posters and each day, every child's justice prayer was shared with the class. 

Friendship Challenge 2017

To earn your friendship badge this year there are three things we would like you to do.

Step One: We would like you to think about a friend you have in school and think about the qualities they have that help you enjoy being their friend.


Step Two: We would like you to create something to show your appreciation for your friend. You can create anything you like. You can make them a friendship card or a bracelet; you can draw them a picture; you can bake them a cake; you can write them a letter or a poem or a prayer; in fact you can do lots of things to show your friend/s how much you care about them.


Step Three: We would like you to attach the “Friendship Gift Token” to your creation, making sure you write on it the things you like about your friend.

Friendship Award 2017

Creation Challenge 2017

This term’s challenge is for you to find God’s wonder in your world and share it with your classmates. It might be a painting or a photograph of something that makes you wonder? It might be a poem or a story about colour or it might be a non fiction piece about the importance of colour in our lives. Bring your pictures ,photographs, models etc to school and in each class we will talk about the wonders of God’s colourful creation.

Our Christian Values Displays

Friendship Award Challenge

Creation Award 2016