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Art & Design Technology Curriculum

Art and Design Technology Curriculum


We are passionate about ensuring that all children at Rimrose Hope have the opportunity to express and develop their art & design skills. All teacher and learning experiences are underpinned by our Christian values and reflect the school's ethos and agreed pedagogical approaches. ‘Design’ and ‘Project’ work is an essential component in the teacher’s delivery. During the design approach the children work towards an expected end product. The process is important, however the product has been pre identified. On other occasions the children will also use the skills associated with the more open ended pedagogical technique of ‘Project’ work, whereby the children have been taught a set of skills and techniques and they use these to think creatively about how to apply them in their new circumstance. This use of ‘inductive’ teaching methods is also used to help categorise works of art, artists and other creative outcomes.

Below is a brief outline of what the children experience across the whole school:

The Foundation Stage

We encourage creative work throughout the Foundation Stage, as part of the EYFS curriculum.  We plan opportunities for creative experiences using objectives set out in Development Matters.
The children’s learning includes art, music, dance, role-play, imaginative play, cooking and growing. This range of experiences enables our children to make connections between one area of learning and another, and so extends their understanding of the world around them.


At Key Stage 1, our children are introduced to a range of materials and techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture and product design. They are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity in their work and to begin to be reflective artists. The children take influence from famous artists and designers and are invited to discuss similarities and differences in their works.


At Key Stage 2, our children learn to master the skills and techniques acquired in KS1 and learn to become more critical of their own work, discussing how they could improve and refine their work. They will gain the confidence to select and discuss their choice of media. The children will also plan and evaluate products that they have designed and created. 

Celebrating Success

It is vital for us that the children's work is displayed and celebrated. We have created a 'Rimrose Hope Gallery' that enables us to  showcase the children's masterpieces across the year groups. The gallery is situated outside Mr. Crilly's office. Permanent collaborative displays can also be found dotted around the school which the children have worked on with local artists. 



Crit Time Reflection


After creating our winter scenes in oil pastel we gathered together to dicuss our work using our 'Crit Time' word mat. We talked about the form, shapes, colours and textures that we had used. We also talked about what we appreciated in our peers' work.



Crit Time in KS1

Summer Art Challenge Winners

Our Summer challenge winners tweeted some beautiful summer art pieces from photographs of Summer sunsets, CAD art and land art from long summer beach walks.

Summer Challenge Award Winners

Design & Technology Workshop

Steph O'Connell, our DT expert, worked with the children in KS1 to design and make a suitable home for a beanie toy. The children designed their space out on a plan before making their own choices. They then built the structures using reinforced cardboard and glue. Finally they decorated their structures using paint and smaller pieces of cardboard to add detail.

Georgia O'Keeffe Inspired Poppies


The children in KS1 produced some beautiful oil pastel responses to their topic about poppies. They took inspiration from O'Keeffe's stunning poppy portfolio. Each drawing is unique and the children have worked hard to build depth through layering and blending colours together. We put them all together to create our own bigger art installation.


Complete the Picture...

The children were challenged to complete the other side of the picture painted by Georgia O'Keeffe. They drew a pencil outline and then filled in with oil pastels ensuring to blend.

Art in KS1

Primary Colours

The children learnt about the three primary colours and were given the opportunity to mix the colours together to discover what new colours they could make.

KS1 Colour Mixing



The children were challenged to create a 'plastic picture' in order to raise awareness and get people talking about the plastic crisis. The children collaged, cut, designed and decorated their ocean inspired artwork. We then displayed it outside of school for our parents to see.

Whole School Portrait Challenge 

The children's portraits show the progression of drawing skills from the Early Years up to Upper Key Stage 2. 



Painting in the style of van Gogh


KS1 children were introduced to the artist van Gogh and asked to create a response to his paintings. The children thought carefully about their brushwork and the different marks they could make.

KS1 Painting

Jackson Pollock EYFS Art


Using the Concept Attainment pedagogy the children were introduced to the artist Jackson Pollock. They were given yes examples and no examples that were not created by Pollock. The children had to group the paintings and explain their reasons. The children were able to discuss Pollock's iconic splash technique. They then created their own work inspired by the artist.



ECO Art 


The children in EYFS learnt about the plastic crisis in the world today. They looked at the good and bad things about plastic and then decided to do something about positive with waste plastic. They created large scale collaborative art together. 


Design & Technology - Food From Around the World Week


During this week each phase group studied a country from around the world and chose a dish to create. They each evaluated existing products, designed their own product, made the product and finally proudly tasted their amazing efforts. The parents were then invited in to celebrate the children's work during our Showcase afternoon. 


Depicting Future Careers


Children from key stage 1 and 2 had the opportunity to make ceramic plaques; created from their own designs showing  future job roles. Their work is part of a permanent display encouraging aspirations in our children.

Artist In Residence


Children in KS2 had the opportunity to work with an artist from Hope University on a Gustav Klimt inspired project, The children's work included drawing, painting and collage. Using the tree of life as a starting point the children produced detailed drawings using ink washes and a wax resit technique. They also created coloured textured papers with acrylic paint. 

Design & Technology Week - Building Bridges

The children in year 5 and 6 were given the design challenge to design and make a bridge that spanned a diameter of 15cm and could hold 1kg. The children worked in groups to research bridge types including the mechanics, structure and design of the bridges. Using their research, children worked together to design a group bridge, made a prototype and then using only spaghetti pasta, elastic bands and tape made their bridge. The children then presented their bridge and design work to the class. 

Healthy Eating Design & Technology Week


During this week KS1 children were set the task of creating a healthy pasta salad by our school cook that could be served in our school canteen. The children tasted existing products on the market, used these to give them ideas in order to design their own salads and they then made their designs. They then evaluated their finished products and were given the opportunity to taste one anothers. Parents were then invited in to taste the favourite dish of the class!

Design & Technology - KS1 - Healthy Eating Week Challenge

Rimrose Hope Bake-Off Home School Challenge


As part of our Healthy Eating Week the children were set a home-school challenge of designing and creating a healthy dessert. The children then brought these into school for Mr Crilly to sample and choose a winner. We were overwhelmed by the number of entries and the standard of dishes that the children contributed. It is safe to say that our judge found it extremely difficult to pick a winner! 

Design & Technology - Rimrose Hope Bake Off Challenge

 Design Home-School Challenge Fashion Show


This afternoon we had a Rimrose Fashion Show showcasing the incredible work of our children. As part of Eco Design and Technology Week the children were challenged to design and create an item of clothing using recycled materials. The children were extremely excited and proud to show off their fantastic handiwork. What talented children we have!

Design & Technology - Design Challenge Fashion Show

Eco Design Home School Challenge



As part of our Design & Technology Eco Week the children were challenged to create an item of clothing which they could wear from recycled materials. Their outfits were fantastic and extremely creative. Here are a few snaps of the children getting ready for their turn on the fashion show to show off their work! 

Design & Technology - Eco Design Home School Challenge

KS1 Lowry-inspired Clay Sculptures


The children in Year 1 and 2 enjoyed experimenting with clay to try to create Lowry-esque figures. The rolled, bended and moulded the clay to create different shapes and forms.

Art & Design - Clay Sculptures

Art & Design - Creating 'Justice Walk' Installation

Design & Technology - Year 5 & 6 Junior Chef

Art & Design - Year 3/4 Egyptian Project

Art & Design - KS2 Lunchtime Sketch Club

Design & Technology - Year 1/2 children designed, made and evaluated their own puppets.

Design & Technology - Junior Chef

Art & Design - Our New Art Installation!