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Welcome to 6S!

I use this page to upload information, photos and videos of what we get up to in our class. I also upload examples of some of the fantastic work the children produce. 

I try to update our class page every Friday afternoon, but it can sometimes be a Saturday morning - so bear with me!

Love Miss Sullivan :)




Star of the Week - Grace

Grace is our Star of the Week this week as she constantly impresses me with her brilliant attitude to her learning. She doesn't always find things easy, but she has a determination to do well and it makes me so proud. What teacher wouldn't be happy hearing "Miss, can I stay behind and can you show me how to do the percentage questions?" heart 

Well done Grace.


Another Christmas shoebox! Well done and thank you, Jolie (and family)! You really have made a difference to somebody's Christmas. smiley

Our first complete Christmas shoebox - well done, Jess!


*Please remember that you do not have to fill a whole shoebox yourself, you can just bring in one or two items for Mrs West and her fantastic team of 'elves' to pack away.

Our new texts...










Our text for six weeks has been 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. 


The children have produced some fantastic pieces of writing, such as: 

* a love letter from the Highwayman to his beloved Bess

* a diary entry from Bess' perspective

* a letter from the town's Sheriff pleading with the landlord to turn the criminal in


They have also completed some reading activities, such as:

* using images from the text to create their own plot (before they'd read the poem)

* using emojis to identify how the characters may have been feeling at different points in the poem

* using different song lyrics to answer comprehension questions

* answering PE, PE (point+evidence) questions


Well done 6S for all of your hard work! 
I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do next. smiley

Our Trip to Quarry Bank Mill - 7.10.19


As part of our Victorians topic, we visited Quarry Bank Mill dressed as Victorian children. We focused on what life would be like as an apprentice, living and working for the Greg family. We were given a tour of the apprentice house to see where the children would have lived and worked. We also looked around the mill and tried some of the jobs that the children may have done such as: scavenging, doffing and carrying the can. The volunteers in the mill switched on some of the machines so we could experience the noises the workers would have had to listen to and they also told us some gruesome tales of recorded injuries and even a death!




Year 6 had a visit from the School Nurse today. We learned about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and how much exercise we should be doing. She also talked to us about what's going on inside of our body and discussed how our hearts, lungs and other organs and muscles work. Thank you!


Yay - 100% attendance all week!

Chocolate chip cookies to celebrate! laugh