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Welcome to our class page. 

5/6St is a class full of eager learners who are keen to do their very best and enjoy finding out new things.  I hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up to.  Mrs Stott

Job Junction

We are learning about the world of work. We have identified our qualities and our skills. We have investigated writing CVs, thinking about our own aspirations. We had the opportunity to meet local people during our career carousel to find out about their jobs. We wonder whose future is in engineering at Cargills, who will be self-employed, who will work in marketing...?

Science is Fun!

We had a fun Science afternoon, doing experiments with exciting results. We made a mixture that has properties of both a liquid and solid, made water disappear with crystals (from nappies :-0), saw how washing up liquid works and made a balloon blow up without breath.

Geography /DT Week

Our class found out about Greece this week.  We tasted traditional Greek food then designed and made our own Greek dips.  What a fabulous country - I wonder if Mr Crilly would let us go for a trip? :-)

PSHE Aspirations for our future

The children found out from science students and Professor Fluffy all about university and thought about their own aspirations for the future.

PSHE Staying Safe

The children took part in a workshop to promote assertiveness and making good choices. They looked at scenarios and decided how they could safely and assertively get out of a situation that made them feel uncomfortable.

D.T. Week - Mindfulness

During DT week, we thought about the importance of looking after our mental health.  We practised relaxation techniques, including mindful breathing, yoga and focusing on our still, quiet place. The children were challenged to design and make bunting to hang in our classroom to remind us to be mindful.  They worked hard to produce beautiful cross stitch images.  Some of the children took part in the family home challenge and made fantastic cushions.

Air Quality

Sefton Council’s environmental education officers came to school to teach us about air quality.  We had a great day finding out what causes air pollution, how it is monitored and how we can help prevent air pollution.  We made pollution catchers and hung them outside, played games about air pollution and prepared a presentation to share with our parents.

History - Slavery

The children engaged in this topic with enthusiasm, although they found some of the facts difficult to accept, wondering how people could treat others in this way.  We researched the topic using a variety of sources and imagined how the journey would have been for the slaves leaving Africa.  We researched the Liverpool born merchant, James Penny, and compared his views to abolitionist William Wilberforce's. We then created a court case with William Wilberforce arguing to abolish slavery and James Penny arguing to keep it, with Judge Warrington presiding.

English - The Suitcase Kid

We have really enjoyed reading the Jacqueline Wilson story 'The Suitcase Kid'.   The children studied the characters, finding evidence in the text that might give us clues as to what they did next.  We then wrote an extra chapter for the book.

Music - Djembe drums

We have started our drumming lessons.  We have been practising call and repsonse, copying the rhythms that the master drummer plays.  We are learning about polyrhythms - as a group we play different rhythms simultaneously.