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Welcome to 3/4Su!

Here you will find information, photos and videos of some of the exciting things we get up to in our class.

This page will be updated every Friday.

Love Miss Sullivan :)


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Building our Cities!

3/4Su goes German!

We're beginning to learn German and here is a performance of a song we've learnt.

English Translation (roughly!!!) -

Good day! Good day!
How are you? How are you?
I am good. I am good.
Thank you, and you? Thank you, and you?
(x 2)

World Food Week

It's World Food Week this week so 3/4Su have been tasting some foods that originate from different countries.The children made a list of countries' foods that they'd like to try, so Miss Sullivan went on a trip to Aldi! 

We had a food quiz where children tasted some foods and guessed which country they originally came from.

We had lots of fun and were very full by the end! Well done to the children as they tried everything even if they weren't too sure.



Diwali Workshop

Today we had a visit from Purvi who came to teach us some more about Diwali. She told us the story of Rama and Sita and she talked to us about rangoli patterns and diva lamps. Purvi also told us about how she has a shrine in her house where she looks at special items and statues and prays. She brought lots of beautiful clothing for us to try on and then taught us some Bollywood dancing. We had a great morning :) 

Some Bollywood Dancing!

Still image for this video

Making Rockets in Science

Testing our Rockets!

Our Trip to Liverpool


We went on a trip into Liverpool to see why our city is so cool for our Geography topic. Mr. Stephens organised for us to get the train there and back which was fun. We walked around the city centre and compared the new and old buildings. We took shelter from the rain in the museum and had a great time looking around there. Finally we finished the day with a fantastic art session with Hannah from the Walker Art Gallery. She showed us different kinds of portraits and then we had a go at sketching our own faces. Liverpool IS cool!

Having fun in Maths