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Herzlich Willkommen to 3/4/5S!


Our class is a really friendly, musical bunch; we work hard and never give up! We hope you enjoy reading about the work we are studying and looking at our photographs!



► E-Praise Points Top of the Leaderboard is ... Melissa Helliar

► Thunk of the Week Winner is ... Kai Walters-Gray


What makes the Earth angry?

During our Geography lessons, we have been learning about natural disasters that happen around the world. We discussed why volcanoes erupt and what impact they have on people who live nearby. Take a look at our warning posters ... 

Meet the Maya!

During our History lessons, we have been learning about the Maya Civilisation. As a class, we got to explore what the Maya ate and wore. Firstly, we got to make tortilla wraps, filling them with items such as turkey or chicken, rice, peppers and cheese. We think you will be able to see that we thoroughly enjoyed eating them! Next, we got to make a Maya Headdress, decorating it with feathers, sequins, glitter and a lot of bright colours. The bigger the headdress, the more important you were!

World Book Day

This year, as a school, we read John Burningham's 'Would You Rather ..' book. The Home-School challenge was to create a 'Would You Rather ..' scenario complete with illustrations. Take a look at our work, which lead to many lively discussions ...

The Pilgrimage

During our RE lessons, we have been learning about how a pilgrimage is a special journey to a special place. We discussed places that were special to us and why. Lourdes is a special place to many Christians and the Hajj is special to Muslims. In groups, we acted out a pilgrimage to Mecca. Here, pilgrims walk around the Kabah seven times. They camp in Mina and throw stones at three pillars that symbolise the devil. Take a look at our performances ...

Motte and Bailey castles

During our History lessons, we were shown a selection of images of castles from different periods. We had to decide which type of castles the Norman's built and why. Working in groups, we then constructed our own Motte and Bailey castles using cardboard and newspaper ...

Gordon Ramsey who?

During our 'Taste of China' session with Junior Chef, we made a Schezwan Noodle dish. Looking at ancient methods of Chinese cookery, we were informed on how to make smarter choices about healthy eating. Take a look at our 'caught in the action' shots ...

Move over Bob the Builder!

We have learned that the Stone Age covered a long period of history and so they had different types of homes. We worked in small groups and designed a settlement using lots of resources. As you will see, we were able to add our clay pots to our design to add to the characteristics of a Stone Age settlement. Our cave paintings were also hung in the dwellings! If only you could see what our classroom looked like before ...

How Christmas is celebrated .. In Mexico!

In RE, we have been considering how us as Christians celebrate Christmas and Advent. We then found out how other countries around the world celebrate Christmas. We researched the following: Norway and Poland. Here we are acting out Mexico's celebrations, which include the Posada procession and Mary and Joseph making their way to each inn ...

Stone Age Art

We have learned that Stone Age people were the first to realise fired pottery lasted longer and was stronger. We used air drying clay to make clay pots and afterwards we painted them to make them less porous. Take a look at our hands in action ...

Wriggly Worms

We constructed earthworm habitats by filling a tall, plastic bottle with damp soil. Then we placed worms into the bottles and sealed the top with muslin and an elastic band. The worms were then left to settle into their habitats. Our investigation is to find out what foods worms eat. So far, we have put a small amount of bread on the soil surface, as well as vegetable peelings ...

Stone Age Debate

We have been learning about the Stone Age and how it is a Prehistoric time. We know we can only rely on the clues left behind that archaeologists have discovered. The class were given the following statement: 'The Stone Age was a lot more fun than the world we live in today.' Here are their 'for' and 'against' opinions on this notion ... 

Remembrance Day heart

On Friday 11th November, we designed some Poppies and planted them in our Garden of Remembrance. We took a moment to pray and reflect ...



Every day, we have a half hour session of Mindfulness. This is where we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings independently. We have a carousel of activities: colouring, playdough, dot-to-dot and jigsaw puzzles. Take a look at some of our creations ...

Monster Presentation

Whilst reading 'The Lost Happy Endings,' we discovered that somebody else had stolen from Jub. We decided to create our own Monsters and present our descriptions to the rest of the class: 'What did it look like?' 'Did it have any magical powers?' 'Where did it live?' 'Why did it steal?' We hope we don't scare you too much ..

Bridge Building

Our October half term challenge was to design and build a bridge, spanning 30cm and able to support the weight of three toy cars. We think these bridges could cross the River Mersey ..

Rivers Topic

We have been learning all about Rivers and why they are so important. We are very lucky to have our school right by a canal, so one afternoon, we decided to take a walk to look at the similarities and differences. Look at our beautiful visit ..

Hot Seating Jub

We have been reading a book called 'The Lost Happy Endings' by Carol Ann Duffy. A witch devises a plan to steal all of the happy endings. It is up to a little girl called Jub - the keeper of the happy endings - to save the day and ensure the children get their sweet dreams.

We had four Jub's being interviewed about their thoughts on the situation ..