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Welcome to 3/4M class page 2019-2020!!!


Have a look at some of the things we have been up to in class


MERIT WINNER OF THE WEEK: Amelia-Rose Fairbrother


Our tour around Liverpool and Museum of Liverpool

All of year 3 and 4 visited really famous and popular landmarks in the city (and Goodison park, as well). We then went to the Museum of Liverpool to learn more about the significant geographical features of Liverpool and how it has changed over the years!


FUN FACT: the name 'Lieurpul' was first used to describe this area in 1190!


We are learning all about the organs inside our body, focusing on the digestive system and how it keeps us alive. The class worked in groups to organiser the organs of the human body and to try and place them in a 'person map'.



We have learned a lot this week about why it is important to look after our planet and especially the oceans. We can do this by remembering the 3 R's




In class, we looked at the benefits of plastic and even though it is a very useful material, single use plastics are causing unnecessary damage to our eco-system. Inspired by the Planet Protectors, we used all the plastic brought in to school over the past few weeks to make a beach and sea scene, inspired by Crosby Beach.