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2014-15 Curriculum Overview Autumn Term 1

Autumn 1
Year 5 and 6 Curriculum Overview
This term the children will be reading a range of texts by the popular children’s’ author Jacqueline Wilson. The children will be reading Suitcase Kid and Double Act; they will discuss the issues and dilemmas in the text, empathise with the characters, write diary entries and perform scenes from the text. The children will also be reading biographies of famous influential people, the children will then write their own autobiography.
The children will be completing the National Curriculum units for Numeracy  which include work involving Shape and Space, number calculations, fractions and data handling. The main emphasis of this term is Place Value and Numbers and the Number System. The children will use a range of resources to support and scaffold their learning including Numicon which is being implemented throughout the whole school.
This term in topic we will be studying the history of slavery, particularly looking at how Liverpool was involved in the slave trade. We are lucky enough to have the OSUN arts foundation coming to school on September 25th to create a drama and dance to extend and bring to life the story of African slaves. This will also link to our music this term as we are learning to play the djembe drum. We will be learning traditional west African call and respond songs, some which would have been played during the time of the slave trade. The children will also benefit from art lessons with teachers from Litherland High , we will be producing a wall hanging representing the slave trade triangle using silk and screen printing.
This term the children will be learning about life cycles of animals including humans. The children will learn about growth and development. The children will learn about food chains and habitats.
RE/Christian Values
This half-term we are exploring the Christian value of Creation. The children have been given a challenge to complete with family members to decide on the 7 wonders of creation. See Christian Values letter for more detail.
SEAL- This term the children will be focusing on their targets for the topic New Beginnings.
5 /6 H and 6W- Wednesday pm. Can you please ensure that the children have the appropriate kit with them every week and that all of their kit is clearly labelled with their name.
5/6 C- Swimming Monday pm. Can you please ensure that your child has a full kit including a swimming cap. The swimming baths require both boys and girls to wear swimming caps for hygiene reasons. Boys are to have swimming trunks not shorts. Girls are to have full swimming costumes not two piece swimming suits.
Homework- Spelling and Maths homework will be given out on a Friday and will be returned by Wednesday. Talk topics will be given at the start of every new topic.