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15th June - 26th June


The Monarchs topic should be done in your homework book. Your completed biography can be done in the book as well, or it can be done on blank paper, or even as a PowerPoint presentation!

Please do all the SPaG work on the lined paper provided in your packs and Maths work on the squared paper.



​​​​​​Kings and Queens (as promised!). Have a look at the fantastic information Year 3 and 4 have collected on their chosen monarch! 
William The Conqueror! - Read Aeden's facts about the last invading king to take over the reigns(!) of Britain.
Toby R in 3/4D has researched our current reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. He has included details about her life, her role in World War II and her marriage.
Learn everything you need to know about Henry III: the 9 year old king, a long reigning monarch who championed the Magna Carta. By Luke in 3/4Mc! 
Monarchs by Jess in 3/4D. Lots of information about some of the more famous (and infamous) rulers of Britain.
Zayne in 3/4M has also chosen our current reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth, to profile. He has structured his report in a chronological order, including info on her early life, duties and some fun facts!
A beautiful presentation about Queen Victoria from Danielle in 3/4D, showing a great way to open any topic by addressing the topic as a question: What is a Monarch? : ) 
A team effort from Layla and Harrison (with help from Kaiden) ordering a timeline of significant monarchs dating from 1066 to present day
Did Elizabeth I have a dark side? What type of person was she? Ruby A from 3/4G presents Queen Elizabeth I 
How many grandchildren did Queen Victoria have? Was she a popular queen or did people want to kill her!!!? Read Ava's excellent report into one of the most celebrated British monarchs 
A lovey report from Ava RT in Miss Dover's class about William, Duke of Normandy, and his rise to king of Britain.
A fascinating insight into Queen Elizabeth by Louie in 3/4G. Louie even shares his own experience with history about his visit to the Tower of London.

"Second verse, same as the first

Henry the 8th I am, I am.."

Here is Ella's wonderful report about one of the most famous kings in history.

Learn all about Queen Victoria and her amazing life by Holly C in 3/4G
Hollie in 3/4D has chosen Elizabeth I as her monarch. Read to find out interesting details about this celebrated queen of England.