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Miss Jones, Mrs Rogers and their wonderful class welcome you to 1/2J's class page!

Here you will find: information, photos and videos of some of the exciting things we get up to in our class. We look forward to sharing with you all of the interesting things we get up to this year! 

Frog Play 

Frogplay is an online learning platform that can be accessed through a range of digital devices including: smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The platform aims to provide children with a new and exciting way to learn. 


Instructions for logging into FrogPlay

Type into a search engine (such as google)

(The sign in screen will appear)


School ID: 134371 
Username: RosieJones (capital letters are needed for forenames and surname)
For double barrelled names, they should be typed as they appear on the register e.g.Rosie-AnneJones

Password: child's date of birth e.g 22092011


English: Traditional Tales

This term we have been reading traditional tales.  For the text The Enormous Turnip we talked about the emotions the characters would be experiencing during key events in the story. We then worked in groups to act out the different events and we shared and discussed how the characters might be feeling.

Picture 1

Science: Animals Including Humans 


We started our Science work by completing a number of different immersion stations. Exploring different animals; sorting animals and even trying to copy and draw different animal skins.  Our favourite part was pretending we were different animals! 

Art: Weather 

For our art lesson we will be exploring weather.  So far we have created a collage of a rainy day and used oil pastels to create a snowy scene.  We are all really enjoying our art lessons and love sharing our work with each other. 

We also took inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh and created our own sunny watcher picture. We looked at Vincent Van Gogh’s work and discussed his style.

Geography : Weather and Seasons

For our first lesson the children were immersed in different weather activities. They completed the following activities: trying on a variety of clothes thinking about what weather they might need them for; sorting weathers according to seasons; identifying hot and cold countries on a world map and drawing a response to an extreme weather type.  The children also shared what they already know about weather and were  encouraged to think and share their wonderings.

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