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Miss Jones, Mrs Rogers and Mrs Byers and their wonderful class welcome you to 1/2J's class page!

Here you will find: information, photos and videos of some of the exciting things we get up to in our class. We look forward to sharing with you all of the interesting things we get up to this year! 


Frog Play 

Frogplay is an online learning platform that can be accessed through a range of digital devices including: smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The platform aims to provide children with a new and exciting way to learn. 


Instructions for logging into FrogPlay

Type into a search engine (such as google)

(The sign in screen will appear)


School ID: 134371 
Username: RosieJones (capital letters are needed for forenames and surname)
For double barrelled names, they should be typed as they appear on the register e.g.Rosie-AnneJones

Password: child's date of birth e.g 22092011




Traditional Tales 

We have been reading and writing about lots of traditional tales.  


To help us think about Cinderella's feelings we used freeze frame.  We acted out different parts of Cinderella's day and froze at different points. This really helped us to think of some great vocabulary like exhausted and heart- broken.  This lesson really helped us to write about Cinderella's emotions. 



The Part Whole Model

In our Maths lessons, we have been using the Part Whole Model.  We are becoming really confident in using the model to help us find the part or the whole.  We can even write number sentences based on the model.  


Place Value 

We have completed lots of work looking at different numbers and their value. 

Problem Solving

We apply our mathematical knowledge to solve problems including finding all possibilities.

We love problem solving! 

Subtraction On A Number line

The children completed number of different activities to help them understand subtraction on a number line, this included using a giant number line ! 

Maths Museum

The children created a Maths Museum of different representations for addition and subtraction facts. 

Design Technology

For our DT day we designed and made our own moving vehicle.  We gained and developed lots of skills and had lots of fun.  Our next job is to evaluate our model.  


To evaluate our product we first had to race them! We found the vehicles that travelled the furthest and the fastest. Then the children thought about their own vehicle and talked about how they could be improved. 


We have loved our Music lessons with Mrs Payet.  We listened to music, played along with our instruments and even completed some music doodling. For our music doodling, we had to listen carefully to the music and let it guide our pencil. We even completed some of our music lesson outside. 


We enjoyed working with Mrs Hardman and making our dance all about our wonderful World. We worked as a team and supported each other in improving our performance. We performed our final dance to Mr Crilly.


During our gymnastics lessons, we learnt about different balances and poses.


The children created their own Christmas card, using Microsoft PowerPoint.  They worked on the skill of inputting text; copying images and resizing them.