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Welcome to Class 1/2B!

Here you will find photos and information about of some of the exciting things we get up to in 1/2B. Our class works extremely hard but we also have lots fun on our learning journey. You will see that we love to share and celebrate in our class' achievements!


Reading at home each night and taking part in homework tasks that are set are essential to support the children further in their learning. Please feel free to come and see me if you have any concerns or questions. My door is always open.


Thank you for all your support.


Miss Brady :)




School Trip


Today we travelled to Chester Zoo and what a fantastic time we all had!. We were very excited to see all the different animals and to explore the zoo with our friends. We have been learning about the different animal groups in science so we were able to talk about what group the animals we saw belonged to. After lunch we had some time to play on the new adventure playground and before we went home we had a refreshing ice cream!



This term we have been learning how to tell the time. We have learned how to read and write o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past times on different clock faces.

Learning to tell the time


The children have been learning about plants and what they need to grow. On this afternoon the children got the opportunity to plant their own seeds which we  hope will grow into lovely, healthy plants. We take turns to water them each day to ensure they get what they need. 

Science - Planting seeds



This week the children have been learning about money in their maths lessons. They are now able to identify the different coins and find different ways to make up certain amounts. We have talked about how dealing with money is a very important life skill!

Year 1 Maths Fun - Money


In our PE lessons this term we have been doing gymnastics in the hall with an expert gymnast instructor. The children have learnt lots of different  postures, positions and movements. They have had a fantastic time developing these skills week by week and building them up to form a sequence.

PE - Gymnastics

Design & Technology 


This week the children took on the challenge of creating a healthy pasta salad. They were given a design brief and challenged by our school chef to create something both healthy and delicious that could be served in our school canteen. First we evaluated existing products to give us ideas, we designed our salad and then we spent time in the food science room creating our designs. Once we had completed this process we then evaluated our pasta dishes and the children had the opportunity to taste one anothers.

Design &Technology - Designing, making and evaluating pasta salads



Over the  next few weeks the children will be unpicking the calculation mulitiplication. Today they used counters to represent different multiplication sentences to create an array. 

Year 2 Maths - Multiplication



Inspired by the work of Profressor Feuerstein we have been getting in touch with our emotions. The children are presented with a person showing a certain emotion and we look carefully for logical evidence to back up our thinking as to what it could be. We then look at different situations and identify if they have that emotion and how strong it is. We are hoping that this skill will help us to be less impulsive in all aspects of school and to have a better understanding of other people.

Feuerstein - Identifying emotions



This afternoon we explored Seaforth! Following a planned out route we walked through the village and identified key landmarks that Seaforth has to offer. The children were excited to talk of their own experiences of Seaforth and the places that they have visited or go to. Some children even spotted where they lived!

Geography - Getting to know our local environment



Today the children were challenged to find the missing number in a number bond. Using plates and counters the children experimented with finding out what two numbers (parts) go together to make the whole amount.  

Year 1 Maths fun - Part, Part, Whole



Today the children made jam sandwiches. We used this activity in order to inform some instruction writing in our English lesson. The children thought carefully about the order of the steps and the instructions they would need.  We imagined that we were telling/showing somebody what to do who didn't know how to make a sandwich!

Making jam sandwiches

Art & Design


Inspired by the matchstalk men in the work of L.S. Lowry today the children tried to recreate those figures using clay. They rolled and moulded the clay to create shapes. Some of us found it easier than others!

Art & Design - Creating Lowry inspired figures with clay

Creation Home Challenge Award


The children were set a challenge to create something to celebrate creation. They were able to make something, draw pictures or to do some writing. The children loved this challenge and I was blown away by their efforts. Look how proud they are!

Creation Hope Challenge Award

Art & Design


This half term are art lessons are inspired by Weather art. Today the children created their very own weather mobiles. They used collage materials to decorate them so they were bright and colourful. They loved this activity and were very proud of the results! 

Weather Art - Some of our brilliant rainbow mobiles



This term is all about getting to know our numbers 1-20. Today the children were able to build different amounts and order them on a number track. 

Maths Fun - Counting, building and ordering numbers