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Welcome to Class 1/2B


Welcome to our class page. We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs and finding out about some of the exciting things we get up to in 1/2B. Our class works extremely hard but we also have lots of fun throughout our learning journey. We love to share and celebrate in our class' achievements. In 1/2B there is myself, Miss Brady, Mrs Quinn and Ms Byers who are all here to support our children. 


Reading at home each night and completing Google Classroom homework tasks are also essential parts of the children's learning and really add to the progress of your child. Thank you for your continued support in doing this. 


This half term we have PE on a Monday and the children must come to school dressed in their PE kits.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or questions. 


Miss Brady smiley

Creating Tree Prints 


The children sketched out tree shapes into a foam tile, rolled paint along it and stamped their designs to create a tree image.


Rimrose Bake Off Week - Making Our Flapjacks


The children used the ingredients from their design to make their own unique healthy flapjacks. They mixed and chopped up the ingredients. 

Rimrose Bake Off Week - Evaluating Existing Products

This week is Design & Technology week and the children were tasked with the design brief of designing and making a healthier snack for our football team. We decided to go with flapjack snacks so before we did our designs we evaluated existing flapjacks on the market. We tasted each one in turn, noted down their ingredients, gave it a taste rating and noted what we liked or disliked about it!


The children used the Book app to create a book about their very own robot. They changed fonts and background colours to format their book. 

Lowry Sculptures


We have been learning about the British artist Lowry in our art lessons. The children created their very own matchstick men from pipe cleaners in the style of the artist.

Our Christmas Celebrations

On our last day of autumn term the children met Father Christmas and later that day we had a party in class to celebrate Christmas together.

Hope Award: Friendship

Friendship Awards

This half term we celebrated the Hope Award Friendship. The children made some lovely friendship tokens to show appreciation and love to their friends. A few of them are captured in these photographs.


Snow White Christmas Panto

Some of our class dressed up as their favourite character for panto day. Can you guess who they are?

Place Value to 2O

The children worked together to build a 1-20 Numicon staircase.

Our New Dance Routine!

In our dance session this afternoon the children began to learn a new dance where they had to act out the role of a monkey. Can you spot their fed up poses?

Science - Testing Our Wind Socks

Weather & The Seasons 


Today we tested out our wind socks on a windy afternoon. We talked about the direction the wind was blowing using the four compass points as a reference. We also used our school wind veil to help us.

History Time Machine Hats!

Exploring the Past in History

In this lesson we created time machine hats in order to allow us to travel back to Christmas 2020. We talked about what we could see, what we could smell and what we could hear. The children understood that this was an event in the past because it had already happened.

Science - Exploring Autumn

Autumn Walks in Science


Today we explored the outdoors and identified any changes we could see to the environment. The children spotted fallen leaves, golden leaves and berries. We also noticed the change in temperature and the need to wrap up warm!

Comparing Numbers to 10


Today my Year 1 maths class were comparing numbers to 10 using Numicon shapes and the language of greater than, less than and equal to.


Mixing Paints


The children mixed primary colours to find out what new colours they could make!


This half term we had the pleasure of inviting Mrs O'Donnell into our school to carry out some Design and Technology workshops with the children. In Year 1/2 we designed and a made a chair for one of the three bears. The children designed, folded, glued and strengthened cardboard to create their bespoke designs. They add arms and legs with lolly sticks and folded cardboard. 

Design & Technology

Design and Technology Workshop - Our Final Products


Once the children had decorated and painted their chairs, they were extremely proud of the final results!


Our new topic in science is 'Weather and Seasons'. Today the children took part in a carousel activity where they were immersed in different weather and season tasks. The aim was to find out what they already know before we start learning more about our topic. The children had to match clothing items to the correct season, draw different types of weathers, say which weathers happen in different seasons and talk and draw about their favourite season.

Maths is fun!

Ordering Numbers to Ten.


Today the children worked practically to order Numicon shapes 1-10. They then matched them to the corresponding numeral card and numbers in words.

Gymnastics Fun!

On Monday afternoons we have gymnastics in the hall with an expert gymnast teacher. Here the children are practising their different poses and types of jumping using different apparatus.