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Welcome to Class 1/2B


Welcome to our class page. We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs and finding out about of some of the exciting things we get up to in 1/2B. Our class works extremely hard but we also have lots fun on our learning journey. We love to share and celebrate in our class' achievements!


Reading at home each night and taking part in homework tasks are essential parts of the children's learning. Homework books and Frogplay quizzes will be sent out/ set on a Friday.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


Thank you for your support.


Miss Brady blush


Computing - Making Christmas Cards

During our Computing Week the children worked with myself and Mrs Quinn to create their own Christmas Cards on PowerPoint. They learnt how to copy and paste and made many different design choices. They changed the size and style of their fonts and chose different images to appear on the front of their cards. 

Design & Technology Winners

These lovely boys in our class were so chuffed to be chosen as our DT winners by Mrs Owen and myself. Their cars will be displayed in our D.T. Hall of Fame in school for everybody to celebrate. They also received a special certificate and a golden token to choose a prize from Mr Crilly's Toy Shop.

Art - Land Art Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

This term we have been learning all about Andy Goldsworthy. The children have really enjoyed recreating his work in a variety of media. For their final lesson they created their own land art using natural resources.

The children designed, made and evaluated their very own moving vehicles. Their brief was to make a vehicle for a small toy with 4 wheels. The children loved this design challenge and learned lots of new skills and technical language. Here they are showing off their finished products.

Christmas PANTO 2020

For our annual Christmas panto this year the children watched The Wizard of Oz. Some of the children chose to dress up as soe of the characters. Don't they look brilliant?! #followtheyellowbrickroad #ohnotheydidn't 

PE - Our Dance Lesson

 In our weekly dance lessons with Mrs Hardman the children have been working on a collaborative dance routine based on the book 'The Kiss That Missed'. They have loved the challenge of moving to the beat, working with their partners and using their bodies in different ways to tell the narrative. Here they are in their final pose.

Maths - Building 3D ShapeTowers

In maths, we have been learning to recognise our 2D and 3D shape names. During this lesson the children built their own 3D shape towers. They were able to help each other to identify and label the shape names and then decide how to build a tower that doesn't fall down! 



Maths - Finding the Difference

The children picked two numbers from a grid and made two coloured towers to represent the numbers. They then placed them in line with each other to see the difference. They used a third tower of cubes to prove how many more or how many less there were between the two numbers.

Art - Andy Goldsworthy Sketches

This term we have been learning about the land art artist Andy Goldsworthy. The children have loved making sketch responses in different media. We will be using paint, collage and real life objects to continue to do this.

Geography - Saying hello in 3 languages

For European Languages Day we learnt how to say hello in German, Spanish and Chinese. We chose Chinese as one of the little boys in our class grew up in China. The children know that China is a country in Asia and not Europe.

Adding in Maths

In maths we have been using the part whole model to help us with our adding. The children know that two parts add together to make the whole. They also know that these two parts can be written in any order in our number sentence and we will still get the same whole amount.

In RE this half term we have been learning about the wonder of God's Creation with our friends Tom and Tessa. In one of our lessons we created our own magical jelly fish.

Drama in English

In the first half term, we have been learning all about traditional tales. This week we have been reading Cinderella. Today we talked about the emotions of the characters in the story and then the children acted out different scenes trying to portray these emotions.

Maths is fun!

When the children have finished their main task in maths they get the chance to use the continuous provision. Today some of the children were practising forming their numbers on large paper with chalks.


In gymnastics we have been practising our balancing and poses. The children have to listen carefully to their gym teacher and use their endurance and strength.

Maths is fun!

In our Maths Basic Skills task today the children were challenged to build a Numicon staircase 1-10!